Golden Plan- Ultimate

Golden Plan- Ultimate

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Private Mentorship Trading Course

This is the ultimate solution for you to make your trades all by yourself!

If you already have experience trading in financial markets but lack of sufficient knowledge and experience has caused you to lose. Or if you are planning to start trading in a thoroughly professional way from the beginning. In that case, a one-on-one private mentorship course would be the best solution.

The course is held privately on the Zoom platform in 10 two-hour sessions. Passing the course, a 0-100 learning how to deal with financial markets is guaranteed.


"Note: We understand that deciding whether to take a course or not cannot be just based on a bunch of written explanations. Therefore, there is a refund policy applicable until the first two sessions of the course. Before the third session, you can get all your money back whenever you change your mind."


Anyway, the following topics will be taught:
1. How to read and interpret price charts
2. How to use Technical analysis.
This part includes teaching how to draw and use trend lines, Fibonacci levels and distinguish Eliot waves, and the most valuable indicators, oscillators, and patterns.
3. How to execute trades using different trading methods (Spot, Futures, and Margin)
4. The state-of-the-art trading strategies that can be used in today's markets
5. Capital management and risk adjustment methods
6. Cryptocurrency portfolio formation
7. Mindsets of a successful trader

Unique features of this course:

  • 10 two-hours continuous and regular training sessions
  • Lifetime support
  • Experienced and educated mentor
  • Private two-person classes that allow the instructor to teach according to your level of knowledge.
  • Permanent access to course material
  • $799 one-time fee

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What if the classes were not what I was looking for?
There is still nothing to worry about. Our refund policy is also applicable for our mentorship courses. We understand it isn't easy to choose and pay for a study course based on many explanations. Therefore, you have the right to attend classes and see the mentor. If you changed your mind for any reason until the first two sessions, you could get a full refund for the course.
For that, you just need to contact us!