Binance Training

Binance Training

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-Oracle-K recommends this product for those who are willing to begin trading in the Binance Trading Platform-

If you are looking for a simple, short, and practical tutorial that also teaches the key points of the Binance trading platform, take the time to watch some short videos.

Oracle K has selected this series of videos from among the thousands of tutorials available on the market. We try to sell such products at the lowest possible price. The only reason for "selling" them is the type of rights upon using them. We are not allowed for free publication of content. 


1. Identity Confirmation

2. Adding Extra Security Layers To Protect Your Crypto

3. Converting Fiat To USDT

4. How To Buy Coins On Binance

5. Hardware Ledger For Safekeeping


The purpose of this package is to help beginners to start trading and investing in cryptocurrency platforms. For this purpose, Oracle K has reviewed and approves the content of the videos.


    In case of have any questions, contact us.