Have Your Own Custom Indicator or Robot

Here is one the most fantastic abilities of Oracle K.

If you are a trader and you have already come up with an idea of having your own indicator or robot, you simply can tell us what exactly you want, and we will make it for you.

The process is simple:
You will inform us about your intention of having a custom-made indicator, mentioning what exactly you want from the indicator or robot (Send the request here). When we receive your letter, We ask you for a short time to review what we have been asked to do, and then we'll get back to you in few days. If our developer team has decided that they could manage to make your indicator or robot, you will be informed about the cost of the project.

Then, after the conditions of your intended indicator or EA were clarified and approved by both of us, you will take action to pay the amount which we agreed to. Your custom-made indicator will be ready after the specified period of time. In most cases, such orders will be delivered in less than 15 days.

Place your order by contacting us

We still recommend you to use what we have already come up with.



What if the Indicator wasn't the one that I ordered?
There is still nothing to worry about. Our refund policy is also applicable for custom-made indicators If the conditions of the product delivered do not comply with those specified by the customer and agreed by both of us. So, you just need to tell us exactly what you want.

Can you decompile an existing indicator or EA?
We may probably can, but we won't. Given our commitment to copyright laws and the fact that the decompiled indicator or EA may be in another company's intellectual property, Oracle-K does not decompile indicators and trading robots.

Will I have the source code of the indicators?
Yes. You will receive both the file and the source code of your ordered indicator.