Oracle-K Special Sales

It has not been long since the Oracle-K officially launched. Although in a space other than the official Oracle-K website, we have informally been trading, programming, testing, and publishing indicators and trading bots for many years. Oracle's website is nevertheless our first international presence in the field of trading software and indicators development. (You can read our story here)
The reason for the Oracle-K Special Sales is that our goal in the first place is only to gain your trust. We won't expect any profit from the sale of products in the first phase of our plan. The money from the sale at a meager price will only be spent on developing newer products with higher profitabilities. These are why we offer products that will help you as a trading assistant at a much lower price than competitors. We tell you exactly how to use them, and Unlike many competitors who do not mention the weaknesses of their products, we also remind you of the cases in which the indicators may not work properly. (In this regard, you can also read the following article)
Why would it never be possible to have an indicator or a robot with a100% winrate?
Indicators that used to be our best-selling products are now being carefully evaluated and re-tested, and they will soon be available for your use. In addition, a wide variety of other products, including other specialized robots, will be among our products in the near future.
Thank you for your trust in Oracle-K. We will do our best to return the result of this trust to you in the best possible way.

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