Why would it never be possible to have an indicator or a robot with a 100% winrate?

If you have been trading for a while and have tried and traded different methods, you must know there is no trading method, indicator, or robot with a 100% win rate. You may have made a lot of money in one trade and even doubled your balance in just a few days. But if you have such experiences, you must have suffered heavy losses due to such risky trades.
But the question is why?
There are many reasons why a percentage of all markets are unpredictable.
One of the reasons is the news that is suddenly published in the market and changes the market conditions. Some analysts are able to predict the effects of this news to some extent. Still, there are cases where it is virtually impossible to predict the intensity of market movement or even market direction! (Read more about the collapse of global markets in March 2020).
Another reason that makes it more difficult to predict the market is the presence of market whales. Whales are individuals, organizations, or institutions whose capital is so large that their entry and exit into the market can cause severe fluctuations in market qoutes and prices. In general, the smaller the market, the more likely price fluctuations are due to the presence of whales.
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Indicators and trading bots are your assistants in your trading. They help you identify trends and trade profitable trading opportunities. Especially since you have indicators written by trading experts and tested in different situations, you will no longer need to learn difficult analysis and trading methods. However, you should always know that there is always a percentage chance that the market will move in the opposite direction of your indicator analysis. Knowing this undeniable fact, always adjust the risk of your trades and never risk the amount you can not afford to lose in a trade.

I assure you that with the right tools and risk and capital management, trading will be one of the most lucrative jobs in the world.


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